Thai school’s mystical ‘fog swallowing people’ TikTok video stirs netizens’ curiosity

A TikTok video posted by a Thai instructor portraying a phenomenon dubbed as “Fog swallowing folks,” elicited widespread curiosity. The footage captured college students steadily disappearing right into a foggy ambiance, creating a surreal, wintry scene at a local faculty.

Footage showcased students of a college, dressed of their scout and guide uniforms, gradually being engulfed by a thick fog as they hurriedly assembled on the soccer field for their line-up. Initially, the fog appeared faint however swiftly thickened, obscuring the sight of the pupils, thereby creating an illusion as if the fog was slowly devouring them.
As expected, this charming video attracted a giant quantity of viewers and triggered a flood of comments such as…
“I heard the voices slowly disappearing within the fog.”
“Our visibility turns into zero up close, even with the camera’s clear seize.”
“I’ve misplaced First standing just three metres away.”
“The weather seems captivating. Yearning for the hills.”
“If you don’t consider, you need to – fog does swallow individuals.”
The feedback reflected the unabridged fascination for the incident, reported Sanook.
Thanwa Sangsun is a trainer at the Thap Buek Cooperative School in Wang Ban District, Lom Kao District, Phetchabun. He revealed that the footage was from an oath recitation ceremony for the scouts and guides at their faculty.
The event occurred on the morning of July thirteen, when he had called the students to assemble by the flagpole on the centre of the soccer ground, which was initially faintly lined by fog. However, as the kids started marching throughout the field, the fog descended, becoming more and more dense till it completely camouflaged them in a matter of minutes. He described this surreal happenstance as “fog swallowing people,” and shared the captured video for amusement..

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