Tapflo expands portfolio with submersible pump sequence

Swedish industrial pump manufacturer Tapflo has launched a new series of submersible pumps designed for drainage of flat surfaces, sewage, dewatering, and sludge and slurry containing particles.
The new series of submersible pumps is designed for pumping of rainwater and groundwater, water containing gentle particles, fibrous material, sand and abrasive particles. – Image: Tapflo

A global provider and manufacturer of diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and other industrial gear, Tapflo is now broadening its supply with a model new sequence of submersible pumps. The pumps are designed for trouble-free pumping of rainwater and groundwater, water containing gentle particles and fibrous material as properly as water containing sand and abrasive particles.
Tapflo’ เกจวัดไนโตรเจนราคา are available in different sizes and capacities, and feature fashions with level management float switch or sensor for economical and automated obligation, efficient motor cooling, huge submersion depth and twin positioning of outlet path.
With the brand new submersible pump sequence, Taplfo hopes to assist its customers that need pumps for pits, evacuation and sewage. Håkan Ekstrand, chief business officer at Tapflo Group, stated: “We are getting increasingly questions concerning submersible pumps and the series is a step forward to be an even more complete pump solutions partner.”


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