Secrets of Silicon Valley’s underground Mercedes

California cops are investigating why a person or individual unknown buried a Mercedes stuffed full of unused luggage of cement within the yard of a US$ 15 million (570 million baht) residence in the Nineties. The automotive was discovered Thursday morning by gardeners in the affluent city of Atherton about 30 miles south of San Francisco, with unused bags of concrete inside.
Some critical intrigue began when landscapers working at a property in Atherton unearthed a automobile buried 4 to five ft deep beneath the yard. The home used to belong to a notorious character with homicide, tried homicide, and insurance coverage fraud on his rap sheet.
A team from Atherton Police Department and San Mateo County crime lab excavated the vehicle. Bags of concrete had been placed all over the place within the automotive.
Atherton police commander Daniel Larsen said…
“The cadaver dogs made a slight notification of attainable human stays. The San Mateo crime lab was contacted and sent technicians to help with excavating the car. Excavation is ongoing and presently, no human stays have been positioned.”
Police imagine the automobile was buried within the Nineties although Larsen wouldn’t say what led detectives to that conclusion.
According to an NBC Bay Area anchor, Gia Bang, police stated the car was a Mercedes.
The sprawling property includes a 1,100-square-metre home, purchased by the present house owners in 2020. The residence, inbuilt 1990, was listed for rent in 2013 and 2014.
The former owner of the house, Johnny Bocktune Lew, was convicted of killing his girlfriend in his condo in 1966. Lew maintained she had by chance shot herself along with his gun — and although he was convicted, the case was overturned in 1968. He was also charged with insurance coverage fraud in 1999, paying two undercover cops to sink a US$1.2 million yacht in San Francisco Bay.
Lew’s daughter said her father died of lung most cancers in 2015. Regarding Tested buried car, she added …
“This wouldn’t shock me, just based on how sketchy my father was.”
Larsen mentioned police believed the automobile was buried before the present homeowners bought the property, and that they weren’t under investigation. He said…
“The majority of the top of the vehicle has been uncovered but the interior of the car was also filled with dust. They’re kind of working their way by way of that however because of the unknown nature of it they have to go through it slowly and methodically.”
The discovery has baffled residents.
Athena Ogawa advised NBC Bay Area…
“It’s a thriller in my very own neighbourhood.”
Another resident, Peter Sun, said…
“It’s kind of unusual. But often, it’s pretty protected and it’s like everyone appears to be kind of doing their very own thing.”

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