Protect your tank from damage with Groth Corporation’s newest valve

Groth Corporation announces a new safety product for tank tools: the 12F-TWW-0 Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve pressure/vacuum relief valves (PVRV).
Extensive research and development have produced a product that achieves both superior sealing efficiency and industry leading move charges, while additionally permitting customers to reach their required flow rates with a probably smaller sized valve and utilize 10% overpressure expertise.
The Model 12F-TWW-0 Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valve is designed to guard your tank from injury created by overpressure or excessive vacuum.
pressure gauge trerice ราคา as a end result of normal tank “breathing” are significantly decreased.
“The Model 12F-TWW-0 pressure/vacuum aid valves are developed to reduce fugitive emissions whereas providing increased safety and safety to tank equipment and on-site personnel,” says Trey Rothenberger, VP of Global Sales at Groth Corporation. “These superior sealing valves permit tank tools operators to easily reach their required circulate rates with a doubtlessly smaller-sized valve while tremendously reducing pricey product evaporation.”

Made from aluminum, carbon metal, and stainless steel, the Model 12F-TWW-0 PVRV is out there in sizes from 2” via 12”, in stress settings from zero.5 to 24 osig and vacuum settings of zero.464 osig (2 mbarg) to 24 osig. It also provides superior tightness, exceeding API-2000 leak necessities, and is PED and ATEX Certified.
• This valve is designed to work with a 10% overpressure.
• Product leakage and fugitive emissions are reduced via ultra-tight sealing.
• Higher move capacity to guard from both excessive strain and extreme vacuum build up.
• Peripheral and central seat guides guarantee reliable, repeatable efficiency.
• Designed for easy upkeep, thus reducing downtime and operational cost.
Corrosion resistance could be enhanced with fluorocarbon-based fluoroelastomer or fluorine rubber / fluoro-rubber (FKM) gentle items.
Technical Details:
• Size: 2” via 12”

• Body Material: Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

• Pallet Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel

• Diaphragm Materials: Buna-N, Blue FKM or FEP

• Weight Material: Zinc-Plated Steel, Stainless Steel

• Bolting Class: 150# ASME, PN10, PN16, JIS drilling classes available

• Available Pressure Settings: 0.5 osig to 24 osig

• Available Vacuum Settings: 0.464 osig (2 mbarg) to 24 osig

• Superior tightness, exceeding API-2000 leak requirements

• PED and ATEX certified.

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