Pheu Thai leader denies backroom deals: High-ranking Parliamentary roles nonetheless up for grabs

The Pheu Thai leader denies allocating high-ranking Parliamentary roles for his celebration, asserting that discussions are still ongoing to fill key positions. Despite rumours of potential nominees, Pheu Thai chief Chonlanan Srikaew maintains that no ultimate decision has been made.
Chonlanan addressed the continuing negotiations regarding the appointment of the President of the House of Representatives, stating that talks between his party and the Move Forward Party (MFP) started yesterday, May 30, and no conclusions have been made yet. Complete have been working together to handle the numerous responsibilities related to the council.
Chonlanan emphasised that leadership roles shouldn’t be viewed as a reward or quota for any political get together, as key positions require the attention of both the Pheu Thai and MFP to correctly tackle the challenging points at hand. He noted that the conclusion wouldn’t be reached by June 6 due to the separate working groups concerned.
Rumours relating to potential candidates from the Pheu Thai celebration for the position of House President have mentioned the names of Chonlanan, Jaturon Chaysaeng, and Suchart Tancharoen.
Chonlanan, nevertheless, confirmed that the celebration has not yet discussed the difficulty of positions and particular individuals, including the roles at completely different ministries. The ongoing talks give attention to assigning jobs primarily based on the duties they must fulfil. Once an settlement is reached, it will be brought forth for consideration by the party’s govt board, adhering to its regulations and procedures.
In related news, the MFP and Pheu Thai agreed to assist a Thai minimal wage increase to 450 baht (US$13) per day and continued discussions with the Federation of Thai Industries about moving the bill ahead..

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