Former PM Thaksin sentenced to 5 years

Thailand’s Supreme Court has sentenced former PM Thaksin Shinawatra to 5 years in prison after discovering him guilty of illegally proudly owning shares in telephone firms with government concessions, as properly as battle of interest, for altering concession charges and excise taxes to learn his family’s company, Shin Corp. The courtroom heard that Thaksin held a majority of shares, via proxies, in Shin Corp, which was granted a concession by the state, thus violating the Constitution.
The case was suspended after Thaksin fled the nation in 2006, but was revived after the proclamation of an natural legislation that allowed the court to hear to the case in absentia. The court also heard that, while serving his second term as PM, Thaksin approved the issuance of an Executive Decree reducing excise tax on mobile phone concessionaires, from 50% to 10%, thus benefiting 2 cell phone operators, Advance Info Service and Digital Phone Company. Login required had been affiliated with Shin Corp.
The 2 cell phone operators received refunds of the excise tax they’d paid, which they used to scale back the concession charges they were to pay to the Telephone Organisation of Thailand and the Communications Authority of Thailand, inflicting injury to the state.
The court docket sentenced Thaksin to 2 years for unlawful shareholding and three years for battle of curiosity.
Last yr, Thaksin was sentenced to 3 years over Exim Bank’s mortgage to Myanmar and another 2 years over the two and three digit lottery venture..

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