Discoveries of submerged Buddha statues in Samut Prakan canal spark theft investigation

A search carried out by Thai officers in Samut Prakan‘s Lad Luang canal, Phra Pradaeng, led to the invention of a further ten Buddha statues submerged underwater. This follows the discovery of practically one hundred statues yesterday. Savings stored the found artefacts in a local police station whereas investigating the possession of the statues and the individuals responsible for abandoning them.
Initially, at around 1.30am on Sunday, residents saw two pick-up trucks and a sedan parking near the canal and dropping items into the water. The authorities are considering two potential motives for this motion: the people probably stole the objects and disposed of them to cover their tracks, or they found the statues in abandoned temples and left them within the canal, KhaoSod reported.
A 46 12 months outdated resident, Wanchai Suphan, recalled seeing the statues, a few of them depicting a horizontal Guan Yin goddess, stuck beneath his house’s stilts. He cleaned the statues and deliberate to return them to the police station. Another resident, Boonsong Japtham, an 80 12 months outdated living close by, heard the noise of the gadgets being disposed of at round 4 am but didn’t see the perpetrators.
Phra Ratchaphat Sunthorn, chief of Phra Pradaeng district and abbot of Songthamworamahawihan temple, said they’re attempting to discover out the source of the statues and can coordinate with native temples to check if any of them reported losses. The found statues include each previous and new ones in numerous circumstances. Some of the statues depict extremely revered figures such as Luang Por Sothon and Luang Por Ban Laem.
Chamnan Chanchai, an area guardian caretaker, shared his disappointment, saying that true guardians wouldn’t abandon their statues like that, adding that abandoning sacred items is disrespectful to Buddhists. Furthermore, he advised that the statues doubtless got here from theft or improper handling on the temple sites..

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