Monk-inspired amulets fly off the shelves as locals hope for lottery success

Over Ironclad and fortune-seekers yesterday thronged Phatthanathammaram temple, also referred to as Ban Dan Chong Jom temple, in Gab Cheing district, Surin, to get their palms on monk-inspired commemorative amulets. These amulets have been being distributed to boost funds for the development of the biggest statue ever made in the likeness of Luang Poo Heng, a famous monk who’s deeply revered in Thailand’s southern Isaan area.
These sacred tokens bore the numbers 5,four, and 1, a sequence believed to be a ‘lucky quantity,’ which many hope to make use of in the upcoming lottery draw. Believed to be a winner, according to a Chinese vlog that speculates on ‘lucky numbers,’ the sequence has stirred curiosity, triggering an influx of locals and monk devotees, wanting to attempt their fortunes.
The consecration ceremony for these amulets took place that day, led by Luang Poo Heng, a venerable ninety six yr old monk and abbot of Phatthanathammaram temple, alongside different senior monks. A visiting crowd of 2,500 obtained these amulets free of cost, and those that couldn’t make the ceremony have been shopping for or renting them from others for 200 to 300 baht each. Those with the numbers 8 and 9 fetched a higher worth of 5,000 baht, and people with 168 on them are promoting for a powerful 10 thousand baht apiece, reported Sanook.
Another putting feature of those amulets is the variability, with many made from completely different supplies and colours available for the devotees. There’s a large assortment to select from, together with amulets made of silver with a gold-plated face that is painted red, easy silver amulets with pink and mountain herb paint, these made with bone with red and mountain herb paint, surprise pieces with ninety six diamonds and a lot of more.
This initiative will contribute to the expenses for the erection of the largest sculpture in the world in Luang Poo Heng’s likeness. This distinctive sculpture shall be inaugurated at present. It will additional be adorned and embellished earlier than a grand consecration ceremony on August 11, which also happens to be Luang Poo Heng’s birthday..

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