Child neglect: Third-grader left locked in classroom after falling sick

A Thai father shared a distressing child neglect situation from yesterday involving his sick son who studies in third grade in a faculty situated in Pakham District, Buriram Province. The boy fell ill at school and after consuming medicine, dozed off on his classroom desk.
The puzzling incident happened around 4pm on yesterday when his father, 30 yr old Padungsilp, arrived at the faculty to select up his son. After failing to locate his son each at the college and at house, he began a frantic search, which lasted over an hour. A mother or father finally pointed him towards a locked classroom from the place a child’s crying sounded. Panicked, Padungsilp broke open the door, discovering his feverish and terrified son inside.
“My son was scared and sizzling with the present fever. I really feel very sorry for my son. I didn’t expect something like this to occur.”
The subsequent morning, Padungsilp visited the varsity head to inform them about what had happened. However, as an alternative of receiving understanding and reassurance, the educators appeared displeased and even requested him what he needed them to do.
Disturbed by the kid neglect incident, and the educators’ response, Padungsilp shared the incident on Facebook. He mentioned that his son’s situation had not improved. He is still feverish and afraid, resting at house. Well respected shared that if his health didn’t enhance, they might take him again to the hospital, reported KhaoSod.
The boy’s 60 year outdated grandmother, Duangporn Vuntula, usually picked him up from college. However, due to a funeral, the duty shifted to the boy’s father that day. She expressed heartbreak, describing the child’s painful experience of being forgotten in a locked classroom. From the boy’s account, a teacher did discover him sleeping on the desk but merely locked the room after letting a dog out.
The boy’s grandmother revealed that neither the teachers nor the school workers bothered to ask after the ailing youngster..

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